How to Travel By Air Successfully With Incontinence

Travel brings joy to everyone’s lives – from upcoming family weddings, holidays, to reunions to simply wanting a vacation to rejuvenate.  There are so many reasons to take that pending trip. However, the idea of traveling by air can quickly dampen your getaway plans. You cannot control what can go wrong during a trip, but with little extra preparations, you can handle things within your control.

Here are a few tips to successfully plan air travel with incontinence:

Pack Enough Incontinence Products

Yes, map the duration of your trip and pack incontinence products for every day. Choose products that are more absorbent to contain bladder leakage. It will hold more urine in the event of a leakage accident.

Remember to pack extra clothes just in case you need to change. Along with clothes pack disposable wipes for quick clean-ups.

Apart from packing incontinence products in the language, keep a few Confidence Club adult pull up incontinence pants and disposable wipes handy to change while traveling if the need arises.

Along with pull up incontinence pants, you must pack urinary pads, protectors, and booster pads to protect vehicle seats and beds. This will help you avoid soaking and soiling bed mattresses of hotels or a family member’s guest bed.

Another thing to pack without fail is plastic bags to seal and dispose of used incontinence products when there isn’t a trash can around.

Pack rash creams to get relief from diaper rashes if you get them. Humidity and temperature changes can irritate the skin, so it is a great thing to have to soothe any flare-ups. 

Arrive Early At The Airport

Reach the airport well before time. Not only will you avoid stressful queues and rushing, but you will also have enough time to locate and use the washroom in peace.

Book An Aisle Seat

Yes, we’ve all been there at some point in time, stuck in the dreaded middle seat. To avoid having to request the person next to you to shift so you could use the washroom frequently, book an aisle seat. That way whenever you feel an urge, you can simply get up and use the washroom with ease. Remember to use the washroom before you deboard from the aircraft to continue a stress-free journey ahead.

Also, keep a few Confidence Club adult pull up incontinence pants in your hand luggage to change if your travel duration is going to be more.

Know If Your Incontinence Product Supplier Ships To Your Vacation Location

If your incontinence is severe you will be needing unlimited supplies of incontinence products. Don’t let the severity of your medical condition stop you from enjoying life.

Several suppliers provide easy delivery options to their customers. Confidence Club is one of the best supplier for incontinence products in Australia, so if you’re here they are your best bet. They pack your order in discreet boxes and give you the freedom of returning products you don’t need you did not like.

Final Words

Don’t let incontinence stop you from enjoying your travel and vacation. Speak to a family member (who is travelling with you) to help you and keep a check if you have suffered a leak. They will be more than happy to help.

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