How To Pick A Reliable Pest Inspector

Rats in your room? Possums in your pantry? Snakes in your shed? Well, we’ve all been there – when it comes to couch surfing and living rent-free, the creatures of Australia sure know what they’re doing. So when the chickens (quite literally) come home to roost, it’s time to find a pest controller.


But not all pest control companies necessarily fit the bill of quality and value, so here are a few tips on how to pick a reliable pest inspector.


Take your time, shop around

Despite the panic that might ensue when you first spot a renegade rat, it’s always worth taking the time to explore your options before making a move. You’ll want to find a competent company that’s reasonably priced. Most companies will offer a free quote, so go ahead and get a bunch of estimates. Once you’ve got a better idea of the prices that are on offer, it’s time to ask some questions.


Do they have a license?

Because they absolutely should. A pest control technician deals with harmful substances, baits, and traps that require proper training and education in order to be safely handled. A certified applicator will have no qualms in showing you their credentials, the validity of which you can check on the AEPMA’s website.


Can they provide testimonials?

Many companies will provide client testimonials on their website, but it might be worth contacting these former clients yourself and asking whether or not they were pleased with the services rendered. This is the best way of finding out if a particular pest control company is worth your time and money.


What’s their strategy?

What pesticides are they using? Will the pests be deterred for good? Where did they come from in the first place? It’s good to open up a dialogue with the pest controller for building and pest inspections Adelaide because it will reveal whether or not they know what they’re doing. Plus, you’ll feel more at ease when they come to plant poisons and death-traps in your home.






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