Sleep is vital for the body to work. Your body needs at least seven hours of sleep to work properly. However, modern life doesn’t demand that kind of sound sleep. If one does not get the required amount of sleep, the body is likely to get tired and won’t be able to work with full attention. There are many issues that arise because of inappropriate sleep.

Sleeping is a necessity for the body and not doing so may result in various problems of the body and largely affects your health. It would affect the lifestyle that could be dear to you. Some of the problems of the body has been discussed below.


When your body doesn’t get its full quota of sleep, you start to lose concentration and you can’t pay attention to the work that you are doing. Even missing as little as 1.5 hours from your required sleep can immensely have an impact on your body. In such moments, your mind stops working which can lead to some serious cognition issues. It has been found that brain functions such as memory, reasoning, decision making worsened when the brain didn’t get the required sleep.

This can also lead to forgetting all your stuff. This can seriously affect your learning and memory capabilities. Every day, your brain needs sufficient rest so that it can store new information and stuff.

Health Issues

This may be hard to believe but lack of sleep can lead to a gain of weight. If you are a very slim or thin person, don’t be happy with this news as gaining weight is due to bad health. If you are suffering from sleeplessness for a few years, you are likely to gain more weight and become obese. Sleeping any less than five hours per day is likely to increase your chances of being obese.

Lack of sleep is also linked to higher chances of diabetes. Taking rest for about seven to eight hours can drastically reduce your chances of suffering from diabetes. And if you are on the verge of diabetes, taking rest for about seven to eight hours can help you avoid insulin issues that could lead to diabetes. The main drawback of not having an ample amount of sleep is that your body starts to feel weak and start to look pale. There may even be wrinkles on your skin and your skin may start to become loose.


Having a proper amount of sleep is necessary to keep your body working for the whole day. Seven hours of sleep is needed for an adult of any age group. If you don’t get so, you may seriously look pale and may even fall ill. Sleeping is as important as taking food. Not sleeping would arise several issues in the body that would make you uncomfortable and also would reduce the longevity of your life. Hence, make sure that you take the required sleep to be active always.

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