Where to stay in Perth

Considered as the most isolated city in the world, Perth is the capital city of Western Australia. Surrounded by Australian wildness , this amazing city is over 1200 miles from the nearest city. The city houses over 1.5 million people and it’s a diverse gem in the rough. That said, you may be wondering about where to stay in Perth. The guide below provides the best places to stay in Perth.

Swan Valley

This place is more ideal for lovers of wine. It’s home to lavish vineyards offering the best wine in the world. You will only take a maximum of 20 minutes to reach the Swan valley when driving. The place is full of eatery joints, bars, workshops, breweries and more. Besides home rentals, you can also opt for countryside stays that offer a unique experience.


Are you looking for a place to relax? Burswood offers more than a serene environment for lovers of nature. There are numerous eatery points even those for a low budget. For instance, the Crown Perth hotel offers meals, accommodation, a casino a good viewpoint of the Swan.


For those looking for a place that can fit their budget, then Subiaco is the place to be. With plenty of shopping malls, entertainment points, restaurants, and salons, there is always something for everyone.

West Perth

This is the home to tall buildings and residential apartments. You can always grab a cup of coffee at the Hay street or even take a walk at the Solidarity park.


Do you love nigh party scenes? Northridge is home for foodies and tasty cuisine. Almost every nationality is represented in this small town.

South Perth

Located near the Swan River, this popular area is an idea of a family stay. It’s quite, peaceful and near to many attraction sites.

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