Who Are I-Select?

ISelect Limited is a company proving online services such as expert advisory in insurance, online comparison. Utilities and products of all types of personal finance. The company is located in Australia, with its area of operation segmented into three parts. ISelect Limited was founded in 2000 and is headquartered in Cheltenham, Australia after the need for making it simple for customers to purchase complex products that require comparison.
1. Heath
2. General Insurance and Life
3. Telecommunication and Energy.

Why ISelect limited is the best for your online services.

1. Get assistance when you are confronted with a complex purchase decision that requires expert advice.
2. Purchase with confidence once you are well informed with the product are looking.
3. The company will connect you to get the best insurance, utility and other products and services with the providers of the product.

4. Exceptional customer services
5. The company will compare different products and service on your behave before selling you the best ones. For instance, product and services such as pet, your private health insurance, home loans, mobile phones, personal finance products, and energy are some of the products you can get.

The company services are provided under the InfoChoice, IMoney, and Energy Watch and ISelect brands. The company dates back in 2000 when Damien Waller co-founded it. The headquarters are located in Cheltenham, Australia.

The company offers its services under the iSelect, InfoChoice, iMoney, and Energy Watch brands.
The company has helped millions of customers in Australian to make the right choice after comparing different product and services of insurances, personal finance, utilities, among others.
The company experienced personal compares these products online as the first step before you can also make your decision after perfect advice from our professionals in a different area of specialization.

Speaking over the phone is one of the most preferred methods of communicating with over 500 highly trained professionals at the company headquarters.

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